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 Healing Book

Belvedere House & Coach house,
 Maldon, Essex
built 1860
Tel: 01621 874 898 or text 07710 415 703


Maldon, Essex has currently Two Closed Circles:
Monday Evening & Wednesday Morning bi-weekly.
Maldon Circle is a meeting of spiritually developing people,
who are taught how to expand their natural mediumship gifts.
Our Circle Team assist at our Basildon and Maldon Spiritual Centres.
Many, when ready, give one personal readings at our Centres and beyond.
Platform opportunities are given.
Sitters are invited from Workshops and other development events.

Open Circle:
Maldon, Essex has for 11 years, a monthly Open Circle, places now need to be booked 01621 874898
Last but one Friday of the month. 7.30pm – 9pm  Nominal charge

Workshops are bookable
Evening Workshops are available on many Spiritual Subjects:
Tarot School – Using Ryder Waite Universal Cards
Beginners Guide to Palmistry
Exploring Trance Mediumship & Healing
Past Life Regression using deep Meditation
Meditation and what this can access and heal
Back to Basics – Linking with Spirit
Mediumship Development plus – Gaining more Evidence
Email: or Tel: 01621 874 898

Residential Spiritual Development Weekends
On our weekends, our team of experienced 3 tutors, offer an easy pace yet intensive course on Mediumship
Friday (eve) 13th -15th April 2018

We aim to strengthen, your linking with spirit, to increase the quality of your natural mediumship.
Covered are, so many aspects of mental mediumship,to  building confidences, finding the right recipient, deepening evidence, learning to trust spirit, knowing the difference between the psychic and spiritual level and how to enhance your power. We will be working with Spirit Guides.
We pride ourselves on catering  for all levels, from the beginners to the platform workers.
For those who need a gentle nudge or those ready to be stretched and challenged?
Do come and join us on an intensive weekend that will help you refine your mediumship and take it to a much higher level by your demonstrations, private sittings and much more.
All classes cater for the individual needs of those attending.
There will be demonstrations of mediumship also given and interesting talks. 
There will be Assessments and Achievement Certificates awarded with evaluations of work and development over the weekend. Day Guests welcome. We have a 100% satisfaction record.


Jeanie Jackson at The RostrumJeanie conducting the funeral service at Woodford SNU
Church 's for
the ex-president
Mary Hinds
'A celebration of Life indeed'

11am - 4pm Spirit Guides & Mediumship
Spiritual Development Workshop
All welcome at
Woodford SNU Church, 9 Grove Crescent E18 2JR

Others thoughts and words to consider:

 by Shakespeare
Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air;
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind.
We are such stuff  As dreams are made on.

'Physics and Spirituality are two side of the same coin'
Aldous Huxley from 'The Doors of Perception'

'Consider the whole of life as one, the seen and the unseen, spirit and matter'
Starhawk & Emanuel Swedenborg

'The purpose of live is not simply to survive, but
seek perfection in yourself'

'Go beyond colour and creed and see the basic unity
of  humankind'
Malcolm X

Suggested reading:

Through my eyes by Gordon Smith

This book is such easy reading, full of Gordon's perceptions
and personal experiences of life after life and the comfort his work has brought to so very many, worth reading!
I personally in 2002 attended a spiritual residential week in
North Wales with Gordon Smith as tutor.
It was inspirational!

Beyond Faith by Michael Kingscote
A great read!! giving an to easy read insight into
working with spirit, orbs and personal experiences

.....and to quote the great Nazarene
"What I do, you can do also"

A good tutor does not want their students to be
as good as them
No indeed!
A good tutor wants them to be
"Better than them"

Spiritual Unfoldment 1
by White Eagle
This book gave me, so many answers to questions about the spirit side of life. On how to enhance my spiritual gifts and was so instrumental in making positive changes to my physical life. A great read.

Celestine Prophesy 
by James Redfield
A most popular book all will relate to and has started so many spiritual quests. All that I know who have read it, say it is about their own life. Enlightening.

Questions and Answers
by Silver Birch
A good book with Silver Birch's
answers to often asked questions.
Helps you think outside the "box"


The Front door - Belvedere House, Maldon
Always a warm welcome at Belvedere House

Belvedere House, Maldon - 1860

The garden at Belvedere House
Rear view of Belvedere House and Coach House. House photograph is illustrated in Around Maldon' history  book

Garden Circle
Southend Weekend Spring

Original Wednesday Circle

Wendesday Circle at The Mill Heybridge  click here for more pictures 

The Mill House, Heybridge, Maldon… set in 2 acres dates back to Elizabethan time.

The Wednesday morning circle visited the property Wednesday 2nd June

Monday Evening:

  See Circle Facebook page

Wed Morning
See Circle Facebook page

Fledgling Evening
Braintree Church
Don King
Geoff Turpin
Sharon Turpin
Jeanie Jackson
David Hanlon
Rosie (Parker) Shrimpton
Richard Hensby


Jay Love
Jay Love (guest tutor)
Trance Workshop

Last Friday monthly but one. Come along and join us, learn the simplicity of meditating effectively. Enhance your psychic gifts and spiritual understanding. You will be shown how to feel, recognise and understand Spiritual energy. All aspects of Mediumship are taught in safe, friendly group. Suitable for everyone. 
Tea and Coffee served at the end.
£4 charge to cover hall cost.

Maldon - Monthly
Spiritual Centre 7.30-9pm
Fee £4
01621 874 898 for info and pre-booking

Trance Circle (Closed)
Belvedere House 7.30pm
Date for Guest Tutor TBA

BASILDON ISM (Institute of Spiritualist Mediums)
Third Tuesday Monthly offer interactive Workshops
for those spiritually developing with effective Mediums
Mistley Scout Hut, end of Church Road, Vange, Basildon SS16 4AE
8pm Start
Members £3 Non members £4.50
Facebook: ISM Basildon Branch – Institute of Spiritualist Mediums

 "Orb caught on camera" at a Circle sitting

Jeanie Officiated at the wedding of Sharon Bonici and Jeff Britton

Fledgling evening at Shoebury Spiritual Centre Mediums: Don King, Kimmie Claydon and fledgling Richard Hensby

Kelvedon secret Bunker Paranormal investigation

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