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 Jeanie, a natural Medium Jeanie Jacksonis fourth generation on the female side from the Austrian Romany travelling circus family “The Potter's". Jeanie's great grandfather was trapeze artist and acrobat, James Potter known as Professor Potter, who married three times. Martha Jane Tagg, is Jeanie's great grandmother, who passed at age 39.  Madame Retza was James's third wife, they worked with Pablo Fanques's  Circus and later, the still touring,  Ginnett Circus. James was called The "Manfly" after performing at the Crystal Palace

This fascinating family line is where Jeanie believes the mediumistic gifts are passed down from. 

Like many, Mediumship to Jeanie was normal but not 'labelled' - Do we not expect children to believe without question in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy!?

In Jeanie's mid twenties she deliberated her spiritual pathway after her palmistry gift heightened to a level that amazed all.  Jeanie decided it was not her time and put aside her psychic gifts to pursue a life as a successful businesswoman running a Lead Crystal import and retail business, which she did for 23 years.

In the early 1990's, Jeanie - after the loss of a son embraced the  spiritual energy she felt. Jeanie had such effectiveness as an absent healer, she became an active member in an Anglican Church and trained as a bereavement counsellor.  
In 1999 Jeanie decided to go against the Anglican Church wishes to purse a pathway as a spiritualist after by chance seeing the wonderful evidence and support given through Mediumship.

Circle opportunity presented itself in 1999 with Debbie Barnett in Dagenham Essex.

The biggest influences in Jeanie's early days were
Spiritualist Medium Ronnie Buckingham and Tony Stockwell.

n 2003 Jeanie put her business pathway on hold, to devote her time to her daughter, Mediumship and charity work.  Last year Jeanie is taking on an additional position of Community Ambassador with CRISIS who work for London's homeless, she has been a volunteer with them for nearly 13 years.


Martha Tagg and James Potter
Martha Tagg & James Potter

Jeanie aged 6
Jeanie aged 6! Second row down 5th from left

Wise words:

"Nobody can hurt me without my permission"
Mahatma Gandhi

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength"
Oprah Winfrey born 1954

"Real happiness comes from inside.
Nobody can give it to you"
Sharon Stone - Actress

Jeanie's Son Simon with his Aunt & Cousins

Charity Evening in aid of World Jewish Relief (the first such event) The Marriott Hotel,
Swiss Cottage, London
A milestone for our movement

Jeanie and Robin at the May 2010 Ball
Jeanie & Robin

Jeanie Jackson

Jeanie in India

Jeanie at the Taj Mahal in India

Helen Duncan in 1942 toured England and served St. Matthew's Church now in Alexandra Road, Southend on Sea. Jeanie's maternal grandmother accompanied by her 9 year old son, Jeanie's uncle Peter, witnessed an ectoplasm physical materialisation through Helen Duncan of his brother Leslie another of Jeanie's uncles. Peter's 20 year old brother, was serving in North Africa in the army. Leslie's voice gave details of his passing in the trenches, giving his name. Jeanie's shocked grandmother, in due course, had his passing confirmed by the War Office. Peter, now in his mid seventies still has vivid memories of this amazing event. In 2000 Jeanie and Peter together visited Leslie's war grave in El Alamein in Egypt

Emma Newman
Emma Newman.

If you ask anyone who knows Jeanie Jackson spiritually, she will be the last person that would experience physical phenomenon, she says she is too grounded and experience shows “things just do not happen around her” of the physical phenomenon nature.

Friday 30th September 2011 was just another day. Very ordinary at the height of an 'Indian summer' it was very hot and the air was very still.

Emma Newman from Colchester was brought to Jeanie’s home by her mother for a spiritual reading, which started off very usual, then when linking with Emma’s much loved uncle in spirit references kept being made to Emma about him drawing close to her like Leslie, Jeanie sensed straight away that the Leslie reference was Jeanie’s uncle who passed in the 2nd world war aged just 20. Jeanie explained to Emma, trying not to alarm her, that after Leslie’s passing, he materialised through ectoplasm Medium Helen Duncan in 1942 at Southend Spiritualist Church. Leslie was referred to by Emma’s uncle in spirit a total of 3 different times during the reading.  Nearing the end of the reading, Jeanie’s next sitter had arrived and was shown into another room on the opposite side of the hallway to wait.  As the reading was coming to a close, there began to a noise from the chimney, a noise of soot falling down the chimney, it sounded like metal on metal as it hit the grate. Then the sound of what seemed to be a whirlwind within the chimney started, this was so loud, the volume increasing. It was at this point Jeanie’s stopped the tape recording, but the noise was clearly recorded and heard by the two people sitting in the room opposite through the closed door -  the extraordinary whirling of wind. The noise continued for about 3 minutes and then a big roll of white smoke like substance travelled along the floor from the fireplace towards Emma, when it reached Emma who was sitting opposite the fireplace about 3 metres away, it started to rise to about a metre filling from below. It was not in the form of a person but a solid block of white smoke, which Emma described as white glitter.  It was indeed as close to a materialisation as we could imagine.

It has brought great comfort to Emma and brought great excitement to Jeanie’s experience of physical phenomenon.  An unforgettable experience!

and by the way ..The 30th September is also Leslie Fletcher’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Leslie,

 ....Jeanie xxx

Sri Lanka – King George V Rest Home, Kandy

Thursday 22nd January 2009
Visit to Help the Aged Home

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Jeanie made a visit to the rest home that she and the Spiritual Centres have sponsored grandmothers, Mary Ambrose and Agnes Ganges for past 11 years with Help the Aged UK.
It was a delightful visit. There were over 50 smiling residents, many without surviving family.
 It was the most heart warming and emotional gift laden visit.
It is the first of we hope, many visits to the home, which are independently financed.
December 2009 Reiki healer Steve Sullivan visited the Home and was equally touched be their needs and now joins Jeanie in her fundraising campaign.

A TV for all to enjoy, water filter and much needed kitchen equipment has been purchased from the proceeds of our 2009 Charity Ball.
Our May 2010 Ball raised £200 towards much needed Linen.

Jeanie in India
Such a joyful, emotional visit  

 Jaenie Jackson in India
Jeanie with Sister Marie at Help the Aged Home for the Elders in Kandy, Sri Lanka. January 2009

more photos

A bride in 1970
17 years old

The Basildon and Maldon centres also sponsor Latyr, a 10 year old boy from Senegal, through World Vision

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